Creekside Center

Commissioned by the Engineering Field Activities (EFA NW) branch of the US government, Creekside Center was completed in the fall of 1994 and has been exclusively occupied by EFA NW since then.

The two-story, 42,000 square foot office building was constructed on a gently sloping site near the center of Poulsbo, Washington. Constructed with special systems required for the tenant, the building has state-of-the-art electrical and HVAC systems. EFA NW has been particularly pleased with the tenant improvement plan, which set an open-space plan around a core of offices and conference rooms.


This fast-track project was completed in just under six months on a site that required considerable site and grading work. The modern look given to the tilt-up concrete and glass exterior gave the efficiently shaped structure a sense of class.

Other challenges included catering to the desires of several separate groups within the government agency, all of whom wanted different amenities. By the time the project was completed, the challenges had been integrated into the building plan and made Creekside Center even better.

LDG Architects

Square Feet

Construction Details
Tilt-up concrete and glass façade, and a steel and concrete structure

Completion Date
October 1994

Poulsbo, Washington


General Contractor
Puget West Construction