Puget Power Building

The Puget Power Office Building in Mount Vernon, Washington was one of the first projects MJR developed outside of the Seattle area. Puget Power selected MJR Development’s proposal over four others for the design, location, and economic data that MJR presented.

During the design, permit, and construction processes, MJR and Puget Power worked together closely to ensure that the building would be just right. The building houses a number of different Puget Power groups, which necessitated the close coordination with the tenant. The building was a success and is still occupied by Puget Power.

The building site proved difficult because of underground water issues and because of design covenants that were related to the surrounding business park. Also, Puget Power is a large corporate entity, and MJR had to carefully coordinate with them throughout the entire process. In the end, Puget Power ended up in a building that has a creative, efficient design, which they occupy to this day.

John Deiniger

Square Feet

Construction Details
Wood frame structure, stucco and glass exterior

Mount Vernon, Washington

Single Story

General Contractor
Puget West Construction