Creekside Plaza

The Creekside Plaza project transformed an old steel manufacturing facility, considered a dangerous nuisance by the City of Lynnwood, into a new, Class “A”, three-story office building for the State of Washington. MJR Development took advantage of the original structure of the building, using the skeleton and roof structure of the steel manufacturing facility as a starting point for the new building.

Inside the steel structure, MJR constructed three new floors and added an entirely new exterior. Adjacent sheds and buildings were demolished, and new pile foundations were installed to stabilize the existing structure, which sloped over 12 inches from side to side.

The land around the building was cleared of debris and trash and landscaped nicely, improving the look of the area. Currently occupied by a number of agencies from the State of Washington, it is considered by the State to be one of their best buildings.


Creekside Plaza is one of the most challenging projects completed by MJR Development. The site proved to be difficult because it had unstable soils, including site contamination that required special work with the EPA. Remodeling the existing facility was a complicated process.

The new facility was to be occupied by several state agencies that had different requests for their individual needs. Despite the numerous challenges that faced the project, the building was successfully completed on time and is still leased by the same tenants.

LDG Architects

Square Feet

Construction Details
Existing steel structure and roof were retained with new steel structure installed, including new pile-supported foundation. Exterior façade is stucco and glass.

Completion Date

Lynnwood, Washington


General Contractor
Puget West Construction